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  2006.11.07  21.10
Thanks for taking me back, LJ. Now sit there and listen to my dirty-hippie-liberal rant.

Hey. Guess what. I am back. Probably wont post for two years after this, but I am bored and sick so it is happening.
I am going to use this thing as a platform to rant about politics and the fact that I cannot vote this year.
I have surpassed the point where I think the president is funny. Now all of the idiocies and injustices just piss me off beyond all belief. I have tried to overlook it time and time again, but now every time I so much as hear anything about Guantanamo Bay, I break a lamp. The president is not allowed to make up his own rules for how the laws apply to him, it just shouldn't ever happen. When he speaks of such, the entire house, senate, and people of the United States should dismiss him like he's crazy, not everyone but three senators do nothing about it.
And what about that John fucking McCain, giving up on that bill, and now speaking out against John Carey's "cruel" words about the troops THAT WEREN'T EVEN ABOUT THE TROOPS! Shame on you man! You used to be the one thing that I thought was decent about the republican party. I used to think that the only thing you cared about were your own values and decency. Fuck that noise.
I am a firm believer in the bi-partisan nature of this country being abolished, and I am CERTAINLY not a democrat, but if the democrats taking the house and the senate is what it takes to keep the smug, pompous, foul, idiotic, over-zealous tyrant from getting his ludicrous, redneck, retrogressive malarkey passed without consideration for future repercussions, than I am all for it.
I couldn't be more done with the United States and politics, and ignorance. I think I am most upset about the peoples ignorance and thought that there is nothing wrong with the way things are going. I was guilty of ignoring it and thinking it was even cute, but now that part of me makes me sick.
Finally, no more saying that we have to finish what we started in Iraq, you blasted super conservatives. When you say that, you are admitting to being the catalyst for all of the Sectarian Violence and makeshift quasi-religious and political militias that are popping up and making it so tough for us to leave. At least cover for your fucking lies. Or is the mountain of lies to high to see past anymore and clouding your god damn judgement... That was terrible! See!? I am so furious that I am making horrible metaphors.
Inclosing for reals: FUCK THAT AMERICA. Seriously

Mood: enraged

  2005.01.30  11.07
I am VERY sorry to anyone offended by my last post.

Well, apparantly some people are telling me they were offended by my last post. Well, I'm sorry. It was gratuitous and uneccessary. I promise never to cal Tom Servo "Tom Sorbo" again. I understand that MST3K is a great show, and I did not blaspheme on purpose. I hops all of you that have told me my last post offended you feel better. You were all apparantly too offended to comment on what it was that offended you, so I can ONLY assume it was my grievious oversight of the proper name for America's favorite trash-talkin', sentient gumball machine. Well thanks all, for listening! Now go out there and ganbattane!

Mood: VERY sorry

  2005.01.25  00.35

Dude, is that fucking Tom Sorbo?! I know that guy!
That elusive bitch. Hey, guess what? I know where you are now. You're having lengthy conversations with Tom! Is Crowbo there, only cropped off? If so, why? Why would you play him like that? If not, see previous statement. What if they are all prepping for a giant orgy, and also Steve is there, along with the guy from Blue's Clues?! Carmen, I am severely disappointed in you. You dirty, dirty slut. So many questions. I am left cold and betrayed. I don't even care where she is anymore. I am so disappointed. Also cold and betrayed. This is beginning to sound like a Haiku, if you know, Haiku's were not based on a specific amount of syllables, and required that you talk about Carmen SanDiego being a slut. Did I mention the whole cold and betrayed thing?
PS: Iron Chef America= Best Show Ever.

I love(d) Johnny Carson. Hey, did you guys know he's dead now? Well you know, he is...dead that is. "What? Too soon?"


  2005.01.24  23.17
Sacre Bleu!!!

I enjoy the cock.
I like it large.

Aaaaahhh. Now I feel better.

Mood: COCK!

  2004.12.31  00.24
Bill is so fucking great.

Now I'm here. How long will it last my friends...HOW LONG! I hate some of you, others I hate more. This is the chronicling of my days since I last posted:

I had some sex.
I took a crap.
..several times.
I found Carmen San Diego
I wished for a apple pie from Santa, AND GOT IT! No letter, no nothin'!
I willed a mountain to move...TWICE! Take that Mohamed! Take that to the hole!
Mountain Goat.
I fire bombed that band "The Killers" dressing room, AFTER I raped all of their girlfriends in front of them...It was weird, they all looked like your boyfriend you had in February...of last year.
I had some sex again.
Also found Waldo.
I made a replica of Bill out of soap...and another one of Kelson out of my own feces.
I sacrificed my penis to my mother, FINALLY.
And had some sex...with a mule. (NOT Angela)

That is pretty much it...Oh and Angela looks good, all the times.

(I was forced to write that in order to preserve the trend of having sex.)

Have a good one.

Peace out.

The MoMo...(gayest nickname EVER!)

Captain Morgan...(less gay, but ONLY because it is a rum...that is spiced.)

Mood: Getting Sex (with Angela)

  2003.07.17  19.52
I have to crap...seriously

I can now officially go back to work on FULL duty! That rocks, dude! That rocks straight to the quarry.
By the way, sorry Lesley, it must be embarrassing to see me spell squirrel like that.
I hope yu can forgive me.
I am going to a rock show on Friday night.
Which kinda sucks, because I have to work at 7 in the AM on Saturday.
Meh, I'll live...yo.
I think I phrased that wrong, going to the concert doesn't suck, the work on the other hand...yeah, you get it...if you don't then I'm not even going to waste my mouth saying it.
I am excited about this thing, which is wierd considering I don't even like the band.
But, I haven't seen my best friend in...um...(insert correct amout of days here) days, so that will be an event all in itself.
I love you Bill, yer a winner.
I might go as far to say weinner.
Yes, yes I would.
I am tired, I will now sleep.
Good night you freaks of the internet, crazzies of ..um stuff...I hate that movie.
Toby McGuire(?) can eat my throbing "hot fudge" spigget.
Wow, that was vulgar.
have a good night, ya'll.


PS: Liz, I was serious about before.
Seriously, I am sick of this...serious.
OK, it is officially dead to me, the joke I mean.
No, seriously, It's dead. Totally serious.
I am seriously pathetic...in a serious way...with serious sauce...yeah.

Mood: crappy

  2003.07.16  22.39
Yeah, stuff...check out Homestar!

I tire of work...however, I do enjoy the cheese.
I have cable internet now and therefore have been given new motavation to spend time online.
I also need to tell everyone that they NEED to go check out www.Homestarrunner.com...NOW! I don't care if you frequent all the time, er have never heard of it till now, go check it out, right this second!
Since yer all gone, watching flash cartoons, i can end my post.
I wont, but I was just giving myself the option.
I like music.
I like the new music I have been hearing...um recently...'cause it's new...riiiight.
Although I have had i for several weeks, the White Stripes album, Elephant, is really kickin'...um...yo.
They play the blues at one junction on the album and damn well, i might add.
I like Radiohead.
I like radiohead live.
I don't like file sharing, but it gets me live Radiohead, so I will tollerate it.
I like you guys...i think.
I will now leave.

Dude, seriously, you guys better check that site out...serious...I not even joking, seriously guys.



  2003.07.04  08.59
This was fun.

Pick ANY 10 LJ users. Without revealing their names, say something about (or to) each one of them. Never reveal who is what.

1. Piccadillo!!!!!

2. Eat a dick.

3. I'd love to dress you all in white and attend a mormon church shindig, while our traveling vanguard of midgets plays Maralyn Manson at full volume...smiling to whole way home.


5. Are you still doin' that whole *insert hand motion here* gay thing?

6. BARNIBAL!!!!!


8. You know what I hate? When the deminished 7th is out of tune in the middle of that Radiohead song. God, that just DRIVES ME CRAZY!

9. You ever wonder if they made a fuzzy little blue penis for Allen Cumming's suit?

10. DMX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2003.07.04  08.41
Now I gotta' crap.

Well, It's been a while. I am tired. It's eight thirty in the AM and I am without ability to sleep.
Lesley told me to post, and so here I am...posting.
I am cold. my back and ass hurt.
It is bright outside.
My parents are gone.
I am crazy-go-nuts on medice (WHICH I HATE TAKING IN THE FIRST PLACE.)
I played video games, and wathed anime all night....fun.
I I am sick.
I think I will vomit now. I did, I DID vomitt!
I like vommit spelled with two t's instead of two m's! YAY!
I was all wierd tody when talking with my mom and dad, and also with my girlfriend. I could not form sentences, and just broke down.
Yeah, it sucked.
I am typing like three words...an HOUR right now! It's riddiculous, i am like a geriatric seal! Think about it, seals have flippers, there are no seperation fer smaller appendages, making that singular appendage a possible enough to type...in theory...but then all the physics craps kicks in...you know, I'll post another time...this is just sad watching myself do this.

Goodnight...morni...whatever, I prolly hate you anyway.


  2003.05.01  04.20
Yeah! Aristotle!

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very High
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Moderate
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test


  2003.05.01  03.48
I'm tired, deal, I'll post tomorow.

This was a form one of the peopel at the Mt. Hood newspaper sent for me to fill out fer them. I am posting it, because I just spent a long time typing it, and am tired of typing, but I figure I need to post, seeing as I didn't last night. Here it is.

1. What is your major? Theatre, well, general studies with theatre emphasis, that's the best I can do here.

2. When do you graduate? I will not accept an Associates Degree, I will be getting a bachelors, and further down, at least a masters.

3. After MHCC, where will you go? PSU, next year, fall term. I am sure where i will go for graduate work.

4. What got you into acting? What originally got me involved in acting was the thrill and joy of all the attention focussed on me, which I thrived on as a child of, well ever since I can remember, years old. What keeps me involved in acting and the theatre in general is, the feeling of giving yourself to another person for a night and alowing them to dictate your actions. Knowning that you are making someone elses day less stressfull, or more enriched, or better in some manner or another. People need entertainment, or they would all go crazy, right? Yeah, that's where I come in.

5. What do you like about this play? I like it's whimsical and hillarious attitude toward morality, and the ridiculous situations that one stupid discisions put this man, and everyone directly or indirectly involved with his life. It is a hoot, for sure.

6. What do you like about your character? I like that he is a general good guy, but at the same time has a meniacally playfull side to him...also that he is a bad liar, that is a good attribute to have in my overzealous opinion.

7. Do you relate to your character in any way? Absolutely, I relate to my character...I'm a bad liar. Seriously, though my character, Doug is very whimsical, and shall we say, "easily persuaded" with his descisions in the ladies department, (a direct contast to me, I'm in it for the longhall...and I NEVER forget! Watch out ladies, I have given the warning, but once again: WATCH OUT LADIES, I'M DANGEROUS!) he is a genuine guy who really cares for people, and will treat them the best he can, heck, he falls for a girl who is as dumb as ice...he's pretty indescriminate, which applies for me as well.

8. Is it hard to juggle school work and theater? why? I don't know how to juggle! What is this, a survey set up by P.T. Barnum?! I'm an actor not a street performer! Sometimes, but theatre is my passion, and that passion and my friends fuel me through the rough spots and all the crap...and the dropping of the balls...get it, I'm making juggling references! Because it would be a rough spot in your juggling career if you dropped your balls! Oh Lordy, I'm funny!

9. What is your favorite play and why? Wow, that question is a might bit difficult...I have several. I suppose if I had to pick one, I would choose three...so I guese that really isn't picking one then, is it? Well, the three I would narrow it down to are: Hamlet-Shakespeare, God's Country-Steven Dietz, and Zoo Story-Edward Albey

10. Who or what inspires you? Great film actors such as: Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, James Stewart, Edward Norton, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, and Ethan Hawk. As well as great directors, suck as: Martin Scorcese, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, Alfred Hitchcock, and that guy...you know, the one who directed The Godfather. Plus, Playwrites, prose authors and poetry authors inspire me as well, some of which are: John Steinbeck, Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Steven Dietz, Chuck Palahniuck, E E Cummings, Charles Dickens, J. D. Salinger, George Orwell, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, William Shakespeare, Richard Brautigan, Ernest Hemingway, Ray Bradbury, and of course, Tom Clancey. The buggest of all influences being my buddy Mr. Clancey, or should I say Tom? I draw influece off of things that bring me to think or feel in a preoductive and progressive fashion. It is not always directly influeced by theatre. Sometimes just talking to my mother gives me inspiration, or the way a step a certain way off the curb, or my parents dying in a freak, nuclear waste accident, any of those things, could be seemingly insignificant or insurmountably huge.

11. Have you ever written or directed a play? Yes, i have directed two plays both sanctioned by schools, but directed nonetheless. Fragments-Murray Schisgal, and WASP-Steve Martin, yes Steve martin wrote a play, he wrote several. WASP was performed last year at Mt. Hood, and it was a fantastic experience. My first experience directing a play in which I had a budget, it was nice. I have writen many plays, more than ten, that is as specific as I get. I forget things. I write plays and then revise them every time I re-read them,. I have NEVER been satisfied with a single work of mine. There is always room for improvment.

12. How do you prepare yourself to act out your character? (mind set) I usually delve deep into the character's situations and get a feel for the exact emotions my character feels. This could mean acting as the character in every day situations, or just trying to evoke that emotion from myself alone in front of a mirror. This process, which is much more complicated and would take too much time to explain (like that stopped me earlier in this questionare) and I'm not too sure I'd be able to do the process justice with words, is much more difficult to execute for me, when acting in a comedy. The reason is, the motavations and emotions of most characters in comedies, especially Farse's such as this one are much more underdeveloped and thin than in a well scripted drama. Whuch seems quite odd, as I have quite a verbose sense of humor. wow, I sound riddiculous in this explaination...I sure hope it doesn't transulate that way to others...oh well, what do I care, I'm an actor, I have no shame.

13. How old are you? I am 20 years old, and still a virgin, thank you!

14. Are you from Oregon? Yes, lived in the happening city of Gresham all my life.

15. Will you ever go Hollywood or would you prefer to stick around the local area? I will continue acting for the rest of my life, that is for certain, but I also will not sacrifce my dignity and standards for monay, so more than likely I will not be living in a major movie producing city, but I will make as much film that allows me to use my own ideas and visions, uninterupted by "target audiences", "key demographics", and appealling to the tastes and trends of the masses. To make all that quotable in an edgy, mildly offensive way: I hate pop fluff. I hate comprimise when it comes to my work and things I am passionate about. I hate Hollywood, it is dirty and chocked full of ignoramuses and people who will comprimise every tad bit of integrity for work, which equals for money...here, let's make that quotable: "I hate Hollywood; it's dirty, and chocked full of ignoramuses and people who will comprimise every tad bit of integrity for money." There we are! Ready for quotin' and pretentious as hell.

Feel free to add any thing else you think is important to know. Um...I like anime...maybe I shouldn't admitt to that, it might ruin credibilty. No, I think I should just say that although I joke about all this, and in the spirit and fashion of Dave Barry, tend to cloud the subject with sarcasm and overall jocular activity, I am VERY serious about theatre and WILL persue it as my lifes work with all that I am, as corny as it does in fact sound. Thank you for your time. I know it went on forever, what can I say? I'm longwinded. Thanks again, have a good night, morning, day, whathaveyou.


Sean Morgan

Mood: tired

  2003.04.29  01.23
women, Women, and MORE WOMEN!!!

Hey-hey, ya'll.

Today was grueling. I am sick of all of this crap that everyone dealing with, I am not saying it is not important, it is MORE than important...in most cases, but I am just plain sick of all of it.

I love Jen to death, with all of my heart, but I am sick of seeing her hurt...it really sucks...which I guess but is not the correct tansition word...considering there was no transistion in my tone...whatever.

I am sad about crap, and frustrated with people who won't help them selves and blame others fer their problems and mistakes...situations they either brought on by their own actions, er directly cause fer either dramatic purposes, er otherwise. I am reffering to Leena, I was gonna be polite, but no point, sense I just said everything I wanted to say anyhow.

I was talking to Jen (Aaron...sure, that is how you spell it) and she gave me the idea, inbetween the notions and emotions of pure rage, utter frustration, and direct quarilation to MY family, she gave me the idea of rooming with her. Granted, this would mean living with a girl...but she is a lesbian(...sorta) and I am TOTALLY comfortable with her. I don't know, though it would solve my living situation in its entirety...I am thinking I am leaning towards saying yes. I don;t know, I should prolly talk to Bill first. I warned her about my anime and video games, and she does not have any problems whatsoever, so that is a good thing. Regaurdless, it is an idea to consider, that it is.

Tylee was sick today...poor Tylee. I was sad fer her...so sad I gave a back rub...which I HATE doing, but oh well, she felt better. That is what I am here for, right?

I haven't talked to Angela in like twelve days...I miss her. a lot...sob.

Sorry, just realized it appears to the average person as if I own a brothel er something, seeing as how I reffered to like eight women here, and Bill...well, I won't camment on that.

Oh, and I miss Liz...we need to do something, on like Sunday er something. I love you. I will call you when I have a free moment, I am sure life is picking up in it's steady swagger fer you as well, but I will try to get a hold of you.

I'm glad yer getting out of school, Chris, yer a winner, fer sure.

See ya'all sometime...er not...sure...bye.


Mood: Meh

  2003.04.27  19.41
Re-hashed poat from a couple hours ago.

I had a psot that i posted an hour er two before this last one, but it apparantly didn't post, even though it gave me the message that is did. I onece again, fer the record HATE LJ. I said stuff about Bill saying that I am just now ranting, dude, I have been ranting about anime since I started this LJ, granted, it may have been so long since I posted he forgot, but hey, I always do. Also, yeah, I'm a geek, so deal.
I also talked in depth about this website is found, finally, that has not only the text trasnsulation of the Kenshin manga, but also has the pictorial representaion as well. I described the whole thing, but if you are interested, just go to the website and check it out. The art suffers, just so's ya' know because, shy of the first episode of the first volume, they scanned the whole thing in pure black and white with no shading, which sucks in my opinion, because it causes the art to suffer emensely, but either one is hard to see on the internet, due to scanning. Whatever, check it out, it is great. Although the anime and the manga are somewhat incongruous with the anime at times, both have great moments. They have about nine of the fourteen volumes they transulated, up right now, but they are schedueled to release ALL the volumes in time,a nd the rest they have transulated very soon. Check it out, if you like Kenshin, you wont be disappointed.


Not a real link, yer gonna have to paste it, but that shouldn't be too grueling fer ya', ya' lazies!

OK, I talked about the dinner last night, which was fun and all, and I watched Brotherhood of the Wolf...yeah, I reviewed it, and will post the review soon. Also, I just wrote how much most of the people at the party last night mean to me. I love you guys. I especially talked about Missing Liz, and FINALLY getting to see her, as well, as getting to see Bill, very good indded. I missed Bill a lot, and was ver happy to hear more of his sexploits. Yeah, that is Bill fer ya'.

OK, I wrote more about stuff, but I am loosibng patience, and I don't remember, er care anymore. I love you all...except fer Chris, I kinda loathe you, but hey, ya' can't win em' all, can ya'.

Oh, and I am glad to see the Jen's happy once more.

Sean out.

Mood: Hating LJ

  2003.04.27  19.33
Sweet, sweet cinema.

The website that my friend Jessie is working on is called Hollywood Guys.com. I don't know if there is an underscore or no space, in fact that prolly wont be the name of the web site, who knows, it isn't up yet, he is still working on it.

The site is a movie review site, critiqued by a small group of guys, who are all extremely opinionated. The site also has actor, director, producer, screen writer, etc. bios for the main people in each movie reviewed. "Main People" is deffined by the people listed on the box, you know, in the paragraph of information on the movie. There is a description for each of the movies which is taken directly off the back of the movie box, since I beleive all the movies he has reveiwed are out on DVD, er I suppose video, (I'm a DVD snob) and already have a movie description writen for you. Then, each movie is reviewed by one or more of the site's reviewers, and the reviews are EXTREMELY biased, of course. Each reviewer also has a listing of all the movies they gave a top rating to, and all the movies they gave the lowest rating to, which will make as a substitute for a top ten list, er as Jessie had before, a top 134 list. It is more accurate that way, so as to show the movies that the reviewer TRULEY believes to be full of merit, and you can see why, in the review. a right-fine setup, I would say. Good stuff.

The reason I am telling you all of this is, I have been invited to review for the site seeing as I am so dang opinionated about movies. It will be a good time, indeed. My first review will be on Brotherhood of the Wolf, which I just finished reviewing, and my next reviews are to be for Taxi Driver, Fight Club, and House of a Thousand Corpses, seeing as I just saw all of those movies, and they are fresh in my mind.

To end this post, I am going to have much fun doing this, and would like you all to frequent the site, as soon as it gets up. It may be a while before we have enough content to put it up, but I will keep you all posted. So far Jessie has al;most completed his goal of having at least one review for every letter of the alphabet, and for many letters, MANY more than one. He has completed the bios pages fer everyone in all te movies he has reviewed so far, but will have to add some fer Brotherhood of the wolf, I am sure.

OK, that is it, you all have a good day.

Sean out.

Mood: excited

  2003.04.26  13.55
Oh my! Muaah!

Went to play billiards yesterday with my compatriots. We had a graaand olde time. There was much fun to be had, and seltzer to be shared, as well as a playfull goose or two given to the young maidens. Ooooh it was a festival indeed! Jessie, who is a consistant gas, proceeded to fuel the festivities with that delightful humor of his. Catherine provided a fair dose of womanly banter, and of course the occaissional annoyance...or twelve. There was Sweet old Jake, being delightfully gay, as always and oh, that Isaac and his exquistite tomfoolery! It was a laughable, hearty, and enriching olde fashion romp through lifes little pleasures. (thoroughly satisfied sigh.) Nothing replaces the little things...except maybe a rousing olde gohst story! Oh, how exciting! Or shaving your legs! That is INSAITIABLY exsquisite!

That should be all, untill next time...OH! I would have finished, except I am so frazled from my dog looking at me!!!

Exquisitely yours,


Mood: accomplished

  2003.04.25  02.43

You are Bobby from Urinetown. You are loyal, yet poor as dirt and work for the Urine Good Company collecting money from the people who pee. You also voice your opinion and fight for wha
You are Bobby from Urinetown. You are loyal, yet
poor as dirt and work for the Urine Good
Company collecting money from the people who
pee. You also voice your opinion and fight for
what you know is right!

In Which Musical Would You Be Cast As The Lead?
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you're punk!

How can I label you?
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Mood: pensive

  2003.04.25  01.49
A little crap of today, and half of a big rant.

Today was neat-o bandeedo! :P I love days that end in y!

Except rehersal was no good...I had to kiss some girl...eeeeewwwww!!!!!! I also did not so peachy with lines. :(
Oh! and apparantly I turned into a thirteen year old girl today!

No, seriously folks, rehersal was below par. I did have to do the kiss today...well, sorta. We rehersaed it so we didn't actually make a full contact kiss...the details are worthless, the point is, we will have to hold it...which sucks fer me and Krystle...and Norman...oh, and my girlfriend, her too, not like she is impoortant. For those of you who are wondering what in the poop I am talking about: I have to kiss a girl in the play I am in, a girl I had a crush on fer a couple of days last year...not fun. We both have S.O.'s, (significant Other's...well I just turned four shades gayer by abreviating significant other...sorry Angela, the men are looking better by the second.) and hers is off fighting fer our country, which of course makes me fell FANTASTIC that I am kissing his girlfriend...it just occured to me that no one cares.

OK, other stuff that happened today...well, I helped out in the costume shop, went to...you know what? I have nothing to write about. I hate not having anything to write about. So I will write about my Trigun epiphany. WARNING: ANIME RANT IMMINENT!

I have been re-watching Trigun the entire run on Cartoon Network, and i have realized what I dislike about that cartoon, and can finally place it exactly. I am not saying it is all bad, i just have some major beefs with it that I am finally able to pinpoint.
First off, I already pinpointed earlier to friends ad myself that it is two separate animes. Tonights episode demonstrated the turning-point that separates the fun-filled, yet meaningful romp in the desert with a completely insane and riddiculous, yet increadibly competant and admirable, basically, super quirky, super-hero, of the begginging of this neo-western epic; with the sullen, forlorn, somewhat depressing, and stageringly infuriating hoble, with a supremely whinny, repulsively uni-motivated, boring, and downright blindly ignorant shell of a man..thing, whatever he is. That is concern number one.
Concern number two: It is OK to have a turning point, but not a point that emphisises ONE motavation SO MUCH that it loses every other aspect of this previously complex and enigmatic character motife. Vash, halfway through the series becomes so mono-dimensional that you don't care about his character anymore, back story or not. Sure, it's sad, and sure you can have an emotional attatchment to his character still, but not any curiosity about him, not any concern about his subtle intricacies. Why not anymore? The story doesn't show you anything at all any more about him, hell, it barely shows him fight in an inovative fashion after the turning point! For crying in the mud! This is a guy who was dodging bullets by the SECOND episode! Now, we're lucky to get an end fight scene that was longer than 30 seconds! he has nothing that makes him "Vash" anymore...you just lose intrest, that you do.
OK, I had several more points, but this is getting long, I am tired, and I am bored with myself already, so ask me about it, if you REALLY want to hear me go on fer days.

Ya'll have a good night.

With great, heart-felt apathy, ( a contradiction in it'self)


Mood: meh.

  2003.04.24  01.11

Hey, fella's.

I went to see "House of a Thousand Corpses" once again tonight, and I really did enjoy the bugger, just as much as the first time I saw it...HILLARIOUS! Yes, but truley, this is a flick that I believe shal go down in history...well, at least the history of B-Horror flicks. Out of a possible 5 stars I would give it a 3 and a half, I believe. It is a winner, that is for certain. Although, the people I went to see it with did not agree, hey, you can't please them all. Wahthaveyou, I liked it, so there. I went to see it with Jessie, my new pal from the play (There's no gayer word than pal...except maybye buddy...naw.) a girl named Catherine, also from the play, and Jessie's best friend Matt. I actually already had a couple classes with Matt in the previous, and Bill, you might know him, but regaurdless, he is cool. It was fun. We yelled "System of a Down" at the top of our lungs the car ride down, and I made riddicule of Asains, and "The Gays". Lordy me, I am becomingless politically correct, and more down-right biggeted as the suns rise and set...interesting...interesting indeed.

I did other stuff today, I am sure, but right now, I care not to recall my dailly exploits, and instead I intend to play video games for several hours...ah, bless you Kyle..."The Yellow Dart".

So, I will leave you all with the fact that I am now in total love with Inu Yasha...the anime, not the deamon..Hey, lay off!!! I'm not gay! I hate you guys!

OK, enough idle banter, time to return to my evil plans and Kniving ways! (I didn't spell what I wanted to spell, did I? Funny, I suppose I do kvife plenty of things, so that staement is not far off now, is it?)

Well, kids. We now draw near the close of our entry, which means it is time for me to bad mouth Chris. Here goes: Um, man? You know I am dating, we disscussed this I believe in an earlier entry. After all, i have been dating her fer close to three months now. So, read, remember, and most importantly; SHUT YER FREAKIN' PIE HOLE!

Have a good night...er whatever...amen.


Mood: BLOODY!!!

  2003.04.23  03.37
Um, yeah, some quizes I missed out on.


this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

I scored
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I amGreat Cthulhu!

"And for them shall be set the greatest of the Star-Spawned, and he shall be their Priest!" or
so it is written in the Grimiore Helesh Nasheed. The being known as Great
Cthulhu is the intermediary between the aspirant and the other great
powers. He is envisioned as a towering giant with an eight-tentacled
face. His prodigious corpus is shrouded in wicked shadows cast by his
chiropteran wings. We believe he rests dreaming beneath this world's
oceans emitting dreams to his chosen. The time of his awakening is known.

Which Great Old One are you?

Pete & Pete. So, your younger brother has a tattoo
and you don't, what could be worse? At lease
your names aren't Eugene.

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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Yeah !! You&apos;re the Biggest Daniel Johns fan there is [exept me offcourse]...
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What Daniel Johns hair style are you
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Thank you bill fer the THREE THOUSAND Daniel Johns and Silverchair quizes...I have now been exausted, and can go to sleep, FINALLY! I love you, man. I just thought that I would do as many quizes as possible, But I ended up doing so many I forgot to post a lot of them. Oh well, I am now, officially tired. Good night.

Mood: Um, yeah. Deffinitely

  2003.04.23  00.58
Hey! This site STILL exists! Who could have predicted?! Amazing.

Yeah, ya'll know it's been a long time.

I am going to run down in a general way what is going on, becuase I am not in the mood to post, but I said I would.

First off, Chris, there must be something wrong with your e-mail. I have sent you e-mail after e-mail, with no response, and I hear you are pissed at me because I never write you, well, dude, I do. You should write me anyway. I hope you are doing OK, and I guess I will have to start using LJ as means of communication with you again, if you aren't recieving my e-mails. By the by, there is something crazy with my e-mail too, so mabye the crappiness from both ends bands together to form one riddiculously craptacular, compilation of crap...um sure. Anyhow, I hope yer doing good, and I am going to start posting and reading on a regular basis again, so this lack of communication shall not persist.

OK, so I am in a play called One Toe In the Grave. It is good. That is all.

I have good friends who are going through crap. It seems like everybody is having severe problems...oh well, they prolly all brought it on themselves, the stupid jerks. Although most of that is blowing over in most cases, but the part about them being stupid jerks properly affected by Karma was accurate...(Who am I reffering to again.)

My feindish plan of slowly converting my girlfriend to the Dark Cult of Anime Enthusiests is trucking along swimmingly. She will be mine soon, oh yes, SHE WILL BE MINE! MUAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll that my journey toward becoming a megalomaniac is also looking bright. I have almost perfected my laugh, and I have mastered the art of puppy drowning. Plus my "Secret Mind Bullet" skill went up three points yesterday. I rule. I rule, indeed. I still need help on a name, however. I need something that will not only strike fear into the hearts of...um people, and stuff, but will also um...make children..um...unhappy? Hey! Get off my back, I'm still in training, ya' jerks! Geez, way to support a guy!

OK, I don't know what else to talk about...my brother is getting married for those of you pathetic fools who were not cool enough to recieve the newsletter. Some of you are asking, "Now why is that important? I don't know Sean's FREAKING brother!" Well, first off, ya'll ken bite me, second, I shall play the role of BEST Man, (Not Second, third, groomsman, bride, er even groom, but BEST! It will be a glorious day. A glorious day for all human-kind. Indeed. One step closer to WORLD DOMINATION!!!) and third, I hate you. I rest my case...infidels.

Have a good night all of you, and Chris, I will continue my worthless attempts at emailing you, and I will e-mail past e-mails, if they are all still in my mail bin, er what ever it is called. Whatever. Good night to all...er morning er whatever it is when you read this.

With meniacal desdain,


Mood: sure.

  2003.02.27  03.38

OK, so now I am apparantly noe only doing tech for the play that Mt. Hood is doing, I am NOT fillinf the perscribed role originally intended. I am no longer "spot light op. coach" or "coordinator" but am now, "Assistant Lighting Designer." Sounds like a promotion, right? Sinds like it would be fun and nice to have that honor...only, I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IN THE CRAP I AM DOING! It is riddiculous. I am not only helping to expediate the progress of the inept spot opd, I am not only calling their cues, but CREATING their cues. Holy Mother of Me! This is NOT something I am qualified to do. In all honesty, however, once I got past all stresses of having this thrown upon me AFTER the last minute, I am learning pretty dang quickly, and at least pretending like I have a clue what I am doing, so the acctually lighting designer thinks I am awesome, and have experience. It IS fun, but CRAZY all at the same time. But, hey, what job that is worth doing isn't? Eh? Anyone, anyone? Buhler...Buhler, (I' am sure I spelt it wrong...who cares anymore, I supoose. I can't spell ANYTHING, get used to it.) OK, that is all I wanted to say.

Sean Out

Mood: nauseated

  2003.02.21  15.28

I am listening to TMBG.
Life is dumb, so I wont talk about it.
So, I missed yesterday, so I figured I should post today.
I tried to post yesterday to no avail, so here we are.
I want to see The Life od David Gale, maybe Bill and I will go see that tonight, er maybe with Liz tomorow, sher prolly wants to vidi that show as well.
I love this new game Star Wars Rebelion...acctually, as I said earlier, it is old, but I play it like it's new! Word.
I like this band Audio Learning Center, their pretty cool, could do without the guy's whiney Dashboard, "I love emo-rock" voice, but hey, it's hard to find a band now-a-days that has EVERYTHING appeal to you...whatever, they are approved, and the instrumentals are pretty top notch.
That is all I will say, I should e-mail Chris...that is if the internet lets me.
Ya'll have a good night...day...whatever.
Sean Out

Mood: Sure.

  2003.02.20  02.56
Ugh, my...um stuff hurts.

Yeah, today was crap.
That is all you need to know.
I played games with my neighbor though, that was cool. Kevin is a killer guy, ya' know?
I miss my friends.
I like the Jen's.
Angela is neat.
I wish Bill would support my crack addiction though, he always holds out on me, and never spots me cash anymore...well, that WOULD explain why I am FALLING THE HECK APART! I wish it were a crack addiction, then i wouldn't have to go to the doctor to find out what it is. Crap, I hate my innards!
Whatever, I am needing to sleep. Talk more later, oh, and by the way, Heather, if yer reading this, I think dating is a fine word, I don't care about being litteral, I prolly wont e-mail you that part, and I am thinking of it now.
If anyone can make heads er tails out of this e-mail...well, great. What? You want a medal er something? (Thank you Bill.) No really, this post makes no sense, oh well, back to my precious TMBG....yessssss....my prescioussssss! MINE!
I'm out.

Mood: Eat me.

  2003.02.18  21.24
CRAP! It has been ages!

Well, I gave LJ some space, and it looks like she cleaned up her act, but I's got a new luffer, so LJ needs to came to grips with just being friends.

Alright, so much to discuss, yes, indeed.

Most importantly, for those who do not know, I am dating again...but she lives in New York, er is going to school there, anyhow, at Hofstra University. This has been going on fer just a couple weeks, so those of you I haven't talkedto in a while, yeah, don't feel too left out.

I am reading more and more, so much I don't know entirely how I will finish everything in a timely manner, because my attention is so scattered and dispersed between Steinbeck, Deitz, Braughtigan, Albee, Asimov, and Shakespeare...It is pretty crazy, pretty crazy indeed. I am also reading manga, but I'n not sure wheather that counts, but the point is I am on litterary overload! CRAZY stuff, ya' know.

I am playing new stuff in the video game Realm, such as Stra Wars: Rebelion(which is actually not new in the slightest, but is to me), Castles II, also NOT AT ALL NEW, and Messaih....crazy crazy game, but a funny one, not very "good" persay but funny and f-u-n-n funn, just the same. I beat Tales of Destiny, but don't have much time, so I will discuss it later.

In the music world, I got More Beasties, more Coldplay, well, older stuff, and the rest of TMBG I lacked, thanks to Ky, and got one from the store, and now have every album, and most everything they have ever released, you know, besides "best of" stuff, and even some of that.

The most stand out thing I have done in the past few days, and since I last wrote on this thing as well, (excluding, you know, the whole dating thing...I guess.) was going to my first "rock show" with Bill, and it was Ben Kweller! His first opening band was called, Audio Learning Center, and the instrumental part of their band rocks the perverbial house. Kweller was AWESOME! He had another band there as well that was called soemthing like "Beckard Benson and the Well-fed Boys" but they should have been called, "Suckie McSuck and the We-Don't-Really-Need-Half-This-Band-and-the-Rest-of-Us-Pretty-Much-Suck-and-Write-the-Same-Two-Songs-Over-and-Over-Again-Except the-Bassist-Which-is-Over-Qualified-and-We-Can't-Figure-Out-Why-He-Hangs-Around-the-Rest-of-Us Boys." No, I shouldn't say that...after all they pretty much only had one song they played over and over again. At any rate, the concert rocked, was only fifteen bucks fer like five hours of music, and I got a T-shirt, and two CDs out of it, fer pretty cheap. The moral of this story is: ROCK SHOWS' RULE!!!!!

OK, that is about all I have to say. I love everyone who is reading this, (except of course you, Chris) and I hope you all have lovely perspective days er nights, whichever one yer on right now.

Sean Out

Mood: mellow

  2002.12.24  20.45
Hey, hey, hey! It's THAT time again!

Hey, merry Christmas, all! Well, tomorow anyway. I love you all, have a great Holiday. And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, well, yer not worth my time, then are you? (I love you Anya.) Ya'll have a good Christmas, and good will toward ...you know...the thing with the...stuff, oh I forget the rest, but it is poingiant (sure...that's how you spell it...) and cool.

Peace out.

Sean "I Will Celebrate Anything in Which I Get To Gourge Myself with goodies, wear a neat red hat, AND get free stuff" Morgan


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